Turf & Astro Turf

We provide high quality grades of garden lawn turf to give your garden a lusciously green lawn and a long lasting area that will prove durable throughout the year and protective of wear & tear, making it perfect for a family lawn.

Laying turf is a very cost effective way to cover a large area of garden, and when done properly can give stunning results.

We only use top quality turf, which is cut fresh to order and has not been sat on pallets for days, this means the turf is very fresh and when laid gives an immediate effect.

Artifical Turf - Astro Turf

Looking for a lush green lawn all year round, without any hassle of getting the mower out? Maybe you have children or pets and would like a lawn that can stand up to the constant use from all the wear and tear? if so artificial turf may be the answer.

When laid properly artificial turf will last for years with little or no maintainence, the quality of the turf available nowadays is fantastic, from different colours of green mixed together to give a realistic look, to different heights of grass blade to give a look from just been cut to a little longer.  

If you would like more information on which of our products would be best for your needs, or any other artificial turf advice, please feel free to get in touch with us.